Proud participant of:

OptimizeWayne Cohort 1
January - May 2017

OptimizeWayne is a new students organization that provides mentors, networking, resources, and a platform for student to develop their own projects, innovations, and organizations for social change. Our organization does this by enrolling interested students into our Social Innovation Challenge.

DTX Launch Detroit Cohort 5
May - August 2017

DTX Launch Detroit follows the Lean Startup approach, a step-by-step business development method popularized by famed serial entrepreneurs Steve Blank and Bob Dorf. Enrolled teams will be given extensive assignments in preparation for weekly workshops. They also will be directed to get out of the building and talk to potential customers to test their various hypotheses.

Startup Boost Detroit Cohort 2
October - November 2017

A global tech startup pre accelerator aimed at working with great early stage entrepreneurs to prepare them for accelerator programs, seed investment and revenue through a six week part time program.