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ToDoolie is an early stage startup that works to connect high school and college students willing to work and homeowners who need extra help around the house. Through our website, homeowners can book a job and ToDoolie will connect them with the students they need to get it done.

the team

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Sergio has a degree in Biomedical Physics and is currently finishing a masters in Biomedical Engineering. Sergio has over 7 years of experience in the casual labor industry and a clear understanding of where the market is headed. He paid his way through college and graduated debt free doing gigs.  Some of Sergio’s previous leadership experience includes being Founder and President of Timmy Global Health WSU , and President of the WSU Grappling Club. Sergio manages operations, acts as the main point of communication, and puts work into every facet of ToDoolie.

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Jose knows the in’s and out’s of employer/employee interactions as he has been a part of the gig economy since age 16. He ran the social media marketing campaign for Macomb Community College and attracted 700 followers within 3 weeks. He is currently pursuing his degree in business management at Wayne State University. His strengths lie with interpersonal skills, sales, field strategy, and customer discovery. Jose also manages the logistics of finances, invoicing, tax forms, and outgoing payments.

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Armando fell in love with programming after he took one course on just to “try it out” and has never looked back ever since. His love for entrepreneurship and technology drives his motivation for success in anything he picks up. He served in the Army for 6 years and has taken every lesson he learned from the military and applies it to everyday business strategies. Currently, he attends Wayne State University pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science. At ToDoolie, Armando works on programming in house and helps to manage day-to-day business operations.

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After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, Darren worked as a Cyber Security Consultant at Deloitte and then as a Director of Operations at Green Collar Foods, a Detroit AgTech startup. In addition to his work as a lead developer at ToDoolie, Darren currently works as an Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Associate at Endeavor Detroit. At ToDoolie, Darren helps us to develop our product and iterate more quickly

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Frances currently attends University of Michigan as an undergraduate student. She is a creative in her own right and has received a National Scholastic Art and Writing Award. She thrives in academic as well as creative environments and has strengths in writing, interpersonal communication, and organization. At ToDoolie, she uses my organizational and problem solving skills to help streamline operations and create strategies for the future of the business.


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