"Kicking It Up a Notch"

Grosse Pointe News

March 14, 2018

By: Jody McVeigh

ToDoolie, an online platform helping people get through their to-do lists by pairing them with student laborers, started as a summer pilot program.

The idea was to allow students a chance to earn money for college by helping neighbors with odd jobs. The pilot went well — during summer months, students performed 270 hours of yard work, cleaning, errands and other duties for $15 an hour, per student. A study showed 35 percent of customers used the service weekly.

However, profits weren’t what they’d hoped.

Now co-founders Sergio Rodriguez, Jose Romo-Puerta and Armando Arteaga have revamped the program by creating an app that enables casual workers, small businesses and homeowners to create invoices, find local workers through mutual connections, send text alerts and more.

ToDoolie gives community members easy time-tracking and invoicing tools, as well as gives homeowners and employers a self-curated labor pool to assist with everyday projects.

Money currently is being raised to fund the startup.

Meanwhile, the team has made it to the semi-final 32 teams in the Student Startup Madness tournament, a national competition for digital startups from college students.

A few days remain on its live Kickstarter page — kck.st/2IlTRd1 — where the team hopes to reach $20,000 to bring its new project to fruition.

“There are not a lot of startups out of Grosse Pointe,” said Rodriguez, who attended Pierce Middle School and Grosse Pointe South High School before heading to Wayne State University. “We’ve launched a business in Grosse Pointe with Grosse Pointe kids.”

— Jody McVeigh

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