For Home and Property Owners

How do I book a student helper?

You can book a helper by calling us at 313-777-8052 or by submitting a booking form online.

What type of services do you offer?

This question is best answered with a disclaimer: all of our helpers are locally vetted high school and college students in your area whose skill sets are limited to their individual experiences. Having said that, we offer all kinds of unskilled services ranging from gardening to party service. Some examples of the jobs posted include, but are not limited to, moving furniture, cleaning, buying groceries, and pet sitting.

What are your official hours of operation?

Because we love what we do, we sleep with our phones by our pillows ready to receive your call and provide high quality customer service at any time. When it comes to scheduling jobs, that will depend on helper availability. We will use common sense to determine if a job falls outside reasonable work hours.

What are your rates?

We require a $5 booking fee or $10/month for unlimited bookings. Our services cost $20/hour per helper. For example, booking 2 helpers for 3 hours each would come out to a total of $125 ($120 + $5 Booking fee). We also have a $25 minimum per student requested.

Do you provide tools or equipment?

No, but we do provide awesome student helpers! Please have the nessesary tools available for our helpers upon arrival to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

What happens if something is broken during a job?

Our helpers are students and accidents may happen. Although we are not legally responsible for damages that occur during a job, we do have a liability policy to cover any damages.

Why do you have a booking fee?

As a convenience for our users, we have streamlined the payment process. The booking fee helps us keep our rates low and our margins high while we ensure payment is secure for our students by using a third party credit card processing firm. Your information is secure.

How do I pay for services?

No more fumbling for cash or trying to do the math in your head. Much like Uber, you are automatically billed after each job.

Is it necessary to tip a helper?

Cash tips are never mandatory, but always appreciated. We have extremely competitive prices which might save you over half of what you originally planned to spend per project. If our helpers went above and beyond, which we encourage them to do, you are welcome to tip and put a smile on their faces. Don't be shy.

What if I need help on a recurring basis?

We are happy to help you receive consistent help throughout the year. With a $10 monthly subscription we will schedule jobs for you on a regular basis. You can cancel any time.

What if I need a helper for less than the two our minimum?

No problem! We do, however, charge for a minimum of two hours to make sure our helpers are properly compensated. So feel free to book a shorter job, but know that you will be charged for the two our minimum. Alternatively, you may be able to find other tasks our helper can do to fill in the extra time.

How can I contact a helper?

For now, all communication is mediated through us. This is subject to change as we continue to develop our website.

When will the final version of the app be ready?

We are constantly improving and optimizing our services to be better for our customers, so we will never truly be "finished", but you can always look out for updates and new features.

How do I reschedule or cancel a job?

Please call us at 313.744.6252 in order to edit job requests. Our booking fee is non-refundable, but you will not have to pay again in order to move your job to another date/time if you call 12 hours or more in advance. Any cancelations within 4 hours from the time of a job will be subject to a one hour charge per helper.

Does ToDoolie perform background checks?

Not yet, but we will soon. Currently, all of our helpers are vetted students from your area.

For Students

I've completed the online application, now what?

We will be in touch with you shortly. Please give us up to a week to review your application as we are very selective and diligent in our process.

How do I get jobs?

When a job is posted near you area we will send you an alert to see if you are available. When the next version of our app is ready, you will be able to pick the jobs you want as they become available.

What happens if I accept the job?

We will make sure you have all information and details needed to show up and kill it. Once you arrive at the job, you will use our software to clock in and track your time, and then clock out when you're finished.

Does ToDoolie pay for travel time?

No, but we make our best effort to find jobs that are biking distance.

How do I get paid?

Everyone's favorite question. Currently we are paying our helpers on a weekly basis by direct deposit or mailing them a check. Students who have a bank account and activated Zelle will be paid within four days. Students who do not have a bank account will receive payment within two weeks. Our next iteration will allow for balance to show up in your ToDoolie account immediately upon completion of a job.

How much money can I make?

This will depend on your work ethic as well as supply and demand. You will be paid $12.00/hour + tips which usually averages up to $14/hour. There is also an opportunity to make an additional $5 every time one of your friends referred by you works their first job with us!

Does ToDoolie provide tax forms?

We will issue a 1099-K upon complition of $600 in income and 40 hours worked. Students are individually responsible for reporting their respective taxable income and should consult their tax advisor about the information that will be required of them.