March 8, 2022

s(NO)w Days: 3 Easy and Unique Ways to Clear Snow from Your Driveway

Jamie Chen

If Detroit, Michigan went to your high school, what superlative would it win? Best Slice of Pizza, or more likely, Most Likely to Get Snowed In? With the joys of being a Michiganian comes the lesser enjoyable aspects of the Great Lakes state: the winters. 

This year has already been swathed with hazardous snowstorms and heavy rain. While our kids get to explore the idyllic white-wonderland, we’re begrudgingly staring at our snow-covered driveways and dreading the back-aching snow removal. Our bosses won’t mind another sick-day…right? 

Well, I’m here to help! Here are my top three ways to combat snowy driveway invasions without all the hassle: 

1. Schedule intermittent shoveling times: 

POV: You’re outside, wearing all your coats, hands in mittens, and still shivering.  The sun has yet to rise, coffee has yet to be ingested, and you’re already excavating your lawn so you can hurry to work. We’ve all been there. Not a great start to the morning. 

But here’s a tip: shoveling the driveway every few hours will help alleviate large snow build-up, leaving less of a strain in the morning. We know that leaving your warm, fuzzy cave in the midst of winter is less than ideal, but preparing is half the game. Making sure to check weather forecasts and getting ahead of large snowstorms can mitigate sweaty, laborious mornings spent shoveling packed powder. 

2. Invest in an electric snow shovel

It’s 2022 and technology is all the rage: NFTs, Metaverse, and perhaps most importantly - cordless, battery-powered power shovels. With a plethora of various models, these snow shovels have mechanisms that easily throw snow away from your driveway; no elbow-grease needed! By investing in this power tool, you’ll be able to spend less time in the cold, and more time getting blasted with your car’s heater. 

3. Hire a local ToDoolie Helper and wake up to a clear driveway!

At ToDoolie, we encourage you to let snow days be blissful, magical, and care-free again. Spend an extra thirty minutes cuddled in the warmth of your bed or make snow angels with your kids - let ToDoolie Helpers take the lead in the hard stuff for once.

Hiring a ToDoolie Helper to shovel your driveway isn’t just a stress-free solution to snow days - employing a ToDoolie Helper is also a great way to empower youth in your community. When you post a job, you’re supporting young innovators, students, and thinkers in their first steps to fruition. 

Click below to post a job and wake up to a clear driveway! Simple as that.

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