February 23, 2021

How to Handle Moving Stress

Christian Huhn

Moving can be an extremely anxiety provoking time. While it can be an exciting time, as a new chapter in your life begins with the possibility of new experiences. On the other hand, moving can be very stressful as there is a lot of change very quickly. In order to better combat these feelings of stress and anxiety, we have a few tips on how you handle these mixed emotions better. 

1. Plan Far in Advance 

It is key to start planning your next move a few months before you actually need to move out. Begin by researching moving companies and setting yourself a budget so you can account for any unexpected expenditures that may come up during your move. Use this time to establish how you’re going to move. Are you hiring a professional service? Can you do it yourself? By answering these questions far in advance of your actual move, you can alleviate some early stress and anxiety.

2. Visit your New Home and Community

Another step to alleviating some of the moving anxiety, is to visit your new neighborhood in-person. This will allow you to get a better feel of your new home as well as the community you will be a part of. Try to introduce yourself to your new neighbors and learn something about your new environment; whether that be a favorite restaurant, or a local store the local recommend. This will help you get more comfortable in your new surroundings and help with the stress of moving. 

3. Inform your Landlord of your Move

If you are renting like the majority of young Americans these days, it is important to keep your landlord informed about your move and your move out date. Depending on the lease, your landlord may require up to 60 days notice for your move out. Make sure you are checking your lease agreement for any specific details that your landlord may have. 

4. Change your Mailing Address to your New Home 

As the move out date gets closer, make sure that you update your new mailing address. If you receive government benefits such as social security or medicare, make sure to update your new home address. Make sure to research how to change your primary residence for these programs as it can take a little bit of time for the system to update. 

With these things in mind, you’ll be able to ensure that your stress levels aren’t out of control. By planning out your move and creating a budget you’ll stay on top of your moving checklist and have the least stressful move of your life!

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Photo by Christian Erfurt on UnsplashHow to Handle Moving Stress & Anxiety 

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